Easy Remote Access to your HMI and Connected PLCs

EasyAccessWeintek’s Easy Access 2.0 provides a simple means of connecting to your Weintek HMI from wherever you have internet access. Remotely accessing your HMI(s) and any connected PLCs means:

  • You can monitor your machine or process when away from site
  • Machinery and system suppliers can monitor machines to troubleshoot problems without needing to visit the site
  • Updates to the HMI and to the PLC programs can be managed – again without the need for a visit to the site

Using SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer – Virtual Private Network), you have secure access to your HMI through Weintek’s server without needing to remember HMI IP addresses, setting up routers or configuring complicated port mapping.

To register a Weintek HMI you simply need to contact us with the unique hardware key code which you can find under the systems settings on the HMI and, for a small set-up fee for each HMI you wish to register, we can then enable your connection. Contact us on [email protected] to get additional information or to register.