Faster and Easier Programming of DirectLogic PLCs with DirectSOFT6

DirectSoft-6Automation Direct have launched the latest version of their PLC programming software for all the DirectLogic PLCs – DirectSOFT6. The 32-bit Windows® compatible software provides faster status updates and contains many new and upgraded features to make ladder logic programming faster and easier.

Over 40 additional “Iboxes” have been added. These popular “fill-in-the-blank” instructions (compatible with DirectLogic DL05, DL06, D2-250-1, D2-260 and D4-450 CPUs with the latest firmware) simplify the task of writing complex ladder logic. New boxes cater for additional data move requirements, communications such as peer-to-peer data transfer, conversions to/from real numbers, additional maths and additional analogue helper functions.

A new Trend View debugging tool provides useful visual monitoring of data variables (numeric or discrete) against time. Configurable toolbars let you customise the user interface to your requirements and priorities. The software also offers an enhanced graphic ladder view, ladder box leg labels and graphic stage view. DirectSOFT6 is a low-cost single package supporting all DirectLogic PLCs. A reduced cost upgrade package is also available for customers using an earlier version of the software. A free version of the software can be downloaded which allows programming of very small applications (up to 100 instructions) and free evaluation. Click here for full technical information and pricing.