The Micro HMI that keeps getting bigger

ea3-8-10Initially launched several years ago with a 3.1″ monochrome STN display, Automation Direct’s C-more Micro was introduced as a replacement for simple message displays. Larger 4″ and 6″ models soon followed but the latest additions this year are 8″ and 10″ products with TFT colour displays. The complete family can be programmed using the free and simple-to-use C-more Micro programming software. All models include graphical capabilities but, naturally, these new models with colour TFT displays are better suited to displaying plant graphics than the smaller monochrome versions. The HMIs can be used in landscape or portrait orientation and include user-configurable function keys – each with user-configurable LEDs. The function keys can be labelled using the replaceable inserts. The HMIs can also be driven from their touch screens. For full product information and pricing click here.

The C-more Micro HMIs are aimed at simple applications. The full-featured C-more panels are designed for more complex applications requiring data logging, recipe management and other more advanced features.

If what you really need is an HMI that can provide operator information that can be seen from a distance it is also worth considering the ViewMarq large LED message displays or a large TV or monitor driven by Weintek’s mTV-100 machine/TV interface module.