Ethernet/IP Scanner/Adapter Protocol now Standard on Productivity 3000 P3-550 CPU

P3-EthernetIP_175Automation Direct have enhanced the P3-550 CPU for the Productivity 3000 Programmable Automation Controller by adding the ODVA’s Ethernet/IP as a standard protocol.

Using the embedded Ethernet port on the CPU it is now possible to support Ethernet/IP in “Scanner” mode, “Adapter” mode or both modes simultaneously thus boosting the options for interoperability with other modules and systems. Communications can be with Explicit messaging or implicit “I/O” messaging.

In “Scanner” mode, the P3-550 CPU supports up to 128 connections with a maximum of 32 devices on each.

Set-up is simple – it just requires using the “fill-in-the-blanks” style configuration from the Productivity Pro programming software. Within the configuration there are a series of diagnostics tags to aid debugging of the system.

Anybody using an older CPU can upgrade the firmware to add this feature and then simply requires the latest Productivity Pro software to implement the configuration.