Weintek Continue to Broaden the Options for Industrial HMIs




Weintek, the specialist manufacturer of Industrial Human-Machine Interface (HMI) products, continue to update their core HMI panels with the latest technology whilst adding innovative new solutions.

Having updated their 4.3″, 7″ and 10″ cost-effective HMI panels with faster processors and a slimmer design (whilst also reducing the costs) by introducing the iE models during 2013, they have continued this update of the key products by adding the MT-8121XE and MT-8150XE. These two new models (12.1″ ands 15″ respectively) are, again, upgraded with faster processors and built with a more rugged design.

Weintek, however, continue to innovate by offering alternative approaches to offering HMIs for automation and control. Late last year we announced the mTV100. This module provides all the functionality of the range of HMI panels and is programmed with the free EasyBuilder Pro development software but, instead of incorporating a display, provides an HDMI output that can be connected to any compatible TV/Monitor of your choice. This, of course, allows the use of displays much larger than the maximum 15″ offered as a panel mount device.

Their more recent introduction was the Cloud HMI. Central to the Cloud HMI is the cMT-SVR data server – a dual 1GB Ethernet module that provides the core HMI functionality and communicates with the PLC(s). The human interaction to this module can be achieved in one of two ways. The first of these is wireless access using an iPad running the Weintek HMI app accessing the project stored in the cMT-SVR. Each data server can be accessed by 3 iPads simultaneously and a single iPad can connect to and operate up to 253 data servers. The second option is to use the cMT-iV5 – a 9.7″ colour TFT panel mount display module. The display connects to the data server using 1 GB Ethernet. Since the display uses a capacitive touch screen it also supports operation using gestures in the same manner as the iPad. The data server can support iPad and cMT-iV5 connection simultaneously. Programs for the cMT-SVR are, again, developed with Easy Builder Pro.

The most recent addition returns to the more traditional integrated panel mount HMI but  offering a rear mount solution (rather than installing the display into a panel cutout from the front). The MT-8070iER is well suited to OEM applications requiring customisation of the appearance. Click here for detailed product information and current pricing.