Fantastic Range of HMI Screen Sizes now Available thanks to Weintek’s MTV100

The new MTV-100 from HMI manufacturer Weintek provides all the functionality of their industrial HMI displays but, instead of using an integrated display, provides an HDMI or DVI output that can be connected to any compatible TV. This, of course, greatly extends the screen sizes that can be used for HMI applications beyond those viable for fully integrated models.

Powered by a 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, this compact DIN-rail mountable fanless device provides a 720P high resolution HDMI output. It incorporates 256 MB of Flash memory for program storage and a further 256 MB of RAM for data storage. Additional memory can be added by using the SD/SDHC card slot.

I/O ports include a 10M / 100M /1G Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 host port, an RS232 serial port and two RS485 serial ports.

The use of larger screens allows plant monitoring from much longer distances and wider angles than with traditional panel mounted devices.

Applications for the MTV-100 are created using Weintek’s free EasyBuilder Pro software which is also used to create applications for the more recent HMI panels in their range